We've added a new link in the upper right corner of the home page to the 'Explore OpenNTF' section.

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The new page contains currently short descriptions of >30 apps. The page provides an overview of some of the entries that have passed the OpenNTF clearance process and placed into the OpenNTF catalogs. All non IBM projects from the catalogs should be on that page (if not let me know).

The purpose of this page is to give people who haven't visited OpenNTF before and people who don't have the time to follow every single project release (which is probably nobody) to get a fast overview of some of the popular apps on OpenNTF. Hopefully we can improve the catalog soon to make this new page obsolete.

The apps are categorized in these categories for now.

For end users:
End User Tools for Lotus Notes
Full Applications for Lotus Notes and Domino
End User Tools for Lotus Sametime

For developers:
Tools and Controls for XPage Developers
Tools and Controls for Eclipse Developers
Tools and Controls for classic Notes and Domino Developers
Extensions to Domino Designer

For administrators:
Tools for Domino Administrators

Quickr and Alloy Projects

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